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I Am So Proud Of These Reviews, And The Faces Being Saved Around The World!*

Thank you for sharing your stories!

Sleeping on your face can reduce or even counteract benefits*

Sleeping on your face can reduce or even counteract the benefits of moisturizing anti-wrinkle lotions, acne treatments, cosmetic injections and facial surgeries. Once I tried the Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle beauty pillow for myself, I decided I needed to offer it to my clients as a great means to preserve all the skincare services I provide them.

– Trish Draper, RN, Licensed Aesthetician and owner of Derma-Tech Medical Spa

As An Orthodontist, I Love this Pillow*

I am enjoying the anti-wrinkle benefits and back-sleeping comfort of the Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Pillow. I love the unique design that takes away the weight and pressure from the head, neck and jaw.

– Jamie Signorino DDS, MSD

Iron Man Magazine “Sleep Fitness”*

Back to Beauty’s proprietary design focuses on wrinkle prevention and addresses the difficulties of becoming a back sleeper. The unique crescents cradle the head, allowing you to feel secure without putting any weight on your face. I was a side sleeper, and after using this pillow for two weeks, I was fully adjusted to sleeping on my back. It can be used alone or on top of other pillows for added elevation. Just make sure to read the directions, which are thorough and helpful.

– Amanda Burrill, former Naval Officer and now Fitness Tech Editor at Iron Man Magazine and Lifestyle writer at Task and Purpose.

Great Night’s Sleep!*

Many years ago we had an adjustable bed and I learned to sleep on my back and like it. Since changing beds I have not been able to sleep on my back and many mornings I wake up with my ears/neck hurting from my sleep position. When I use the head cradle pillow I wake up more refreshed and fall asleep easier. I highly recommend it…even if it does take a little while to get used to sleeping in a new position.

– Christine O.

Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle is AMAZING!!!*

I have been looking for a way not to sleep on my side for years. My Dermatologist had indicated it can cause wrinkles! I tried propping up pillows on each side of my face -that didn’t work. I purchased Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle about 2 weeks ago and it has solved my problem. I use the Hammock technique which is well explained it the complete directions you receive with the pillow. The first 3-5 days took some getting used to but now I can’t sleep without it. I am even taking it with me on vacation. I can’t say enough how much I love this pillow.

– P.C.

I love this pillow*

I love this pillow. The seller thought of everything and provided a satin and cotton case. It did take a few nights to adjust to the pillow but now I can’t imagine sleeping without it.

– Carlie


Great Head Cradle !!!! it has a silk pillow case that comes with it IT”S WONDERFUL !!! Women you will LOVE this Head Cradle !!!!! Received it quick very happy I bought this !!!

– Joane

Just what I needed!*

This purchase was made at a critical time for me … I had just had cataract surgery and my doctor urged me not to put pressure on my eye. This pillow saved me and allowed my eye to heal without incident, not to mention that it forced me to quit my awful habit of sleeping with my face mashed into my pillow and waking up with deep creases. Just what I needed!

– Happy Camper

Woke up looking great, slept like baby*

I ordered this because I wanted to find a way to stop the lines that form on our faces over time, from sleeping on our sides. As a lifelong side sleeper, I have to admit, I was worried I wouldn’t like sleeping on my back, but I fell in love with the product instantly from the moment I opened it to the way I felt the way I woke up the next day. The product arrives with a beautiful, comfy plus cover, with the option of a satin cover to swap out (which is also supposed to be great for preventing wrinkles.) I kept the plush one one for my first night of sleep because it was so soft! I read the instructions, laid back, closed my eyes, wondering if I could make it through a night on my back. Wow. Not only did I make it, I actually fell into a deeper sleep than I normally do! I woke up with smoother looking skin, because I didn’t have the side creases that form from a night of side sleeping. I have continued with it over the past week, and am really enjoying the results – both the restful night of sleep AND the appearance of my face. I am convinced that by making this small change to my sleep routine will dramatically reduce the aging process in the years to come. Now I need to order another one for my husband, as he has since been stealing it from me…

– Elena

No more forehead creases*

Over a couple of nights I tried all the suggested pillow positionings and found the ‘head hammock’ (just flip the pillow over) the most comfortable. Now I wake up with no more forehead creases from sleeping on my side. I saw the difference right away.

– John S.

Being a side sleeper most of my life*

This took some getting use to but I am loving waking up without the creases and marks on my face. My skin stays hydrated rather than my night time moisturizer transferring onto my pillow. Bonus is I don’t wake up with my neck out of whack either. I did also find it helpful to knead the pillow to my preference of squishiness. Wish I would have had this years ago.

– A.C.

New trick for this old dog!**

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!? I NEVER sleep on my back, but I’ve trained myself (with the help of my Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle pillow 😊  ) to do it. What a difference! Thank you to the inventor of this miracle product!!

– Mortonjaon

I love it. I am almost sleeping all night on*…*

I have used the beauty pillow for 3 weeks now and I love it. I am almost sleeping all night on my back. I think in a couple more weeks I will have it. I also want to say that it has helped my neck as well I highly recommend.

– C.A.

This is a Great Pillow!*

My wife Loves this pillow! She could not believe that she was able to sleep all night with it the first night. You can tell it is high quality and the pillow cases are very nice. She says to just remember to fluff it every day. She is now getting a good night’s sleep and not sleeping on her face or eyes like she was. She continually buys pillows in search of the perfect one…but, maybe now she will be content, ha!

– Fretman2

I’m sleeping on my back**

I never slept on my back…too uncomfortable. Now with my new pillow I’m sleeping in my back. I have noticed a decrease in lines and that nasty little bag I iced every morning has not returned. And it really is a good night’s sleep.

– V.P.

More than Pleased to own a Back to Beauty Cradle**

If I could rate this a 10 I would. I love my pillow. No other pillow has given me so much comfort.

– Sandra S.

It is very comfortable going to sleep and the cradle keeps me on…*

I have always been a side sleeper but as I got older I began to have issues with hips and back. I have tried several different pillows to try to learn to sleep on my back. This pillow is the first to allow me to do that. It is very comfortable going to sleep and the cradle keeps me on my back. I would highly recommend this pillow.

– Glen L.

Pleasantly surprised!*

I just turned 40 in September but long before that I noticed creases developing at the corners of my mouth from sleeping, basically with my face squished into my pillow. To add insult to injury I would wake with wrinkles on the side of my face from my cotton pillow case, that wouldn’t go away for several hours. I tried to switch to back sleeping but would always end up on my side, with creases and wrinkles. I ordered this pillow with the expectation that i would see a little improvement after a few days. To my delight and surprise after the first night the creases and wrinkles were gone. Now mind you the creases and wrinkles were temporary indentations from my sleep position, I have not seen any improvement in the laugh lines and such from just plain old age and I didn’t expect to. I’m happy that this pillow worked to solve my particular problem.

– Rachel B.

Best Pillow Ever!*

This is one of the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. First off, the quality of materials that make up the pillow are amazing. It is a soft plush front with two raised edges that support your head and neck. It is covered by a silk pillow cover that is removable. I mainly use this pillow to travel and use when lying around the house. I have less pain in my neck when waking up after a nap or a long nights sleep. Would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family. And will purchase again when I wear this one out.

– Alex W.

This is the perfect anti-wrinkle product.*

This is the perfect anti wrinkle product! I used to wake up with morning wrinkles but now I don’t. This is a great product to add to your beauty regime. Excellent product!

– C.

Highly recommended.*

I bought this after reading reviews. This is the first of this kind I bought but it works pretty well and I like it! Highly recommended.

– Usacillo


This is the part of the review where I admit that I am in my VERY early 40’s and my concern is growing about my beautiful face. Laugh if you will, but you’ll miss yours when it’s gone. I have jammed all kinds of pillows together over the years to try to accomplish this, but nothing really provides the support needed to stay in this kind of position. I’ve been sleeping on this for a week and the structure of this product is really amazingly better than I expected at this price point. My head is really cradled in there and it has kept me from the constant rearranging. Now, I just need my husband to wake up 20 years from now and just stare in awe at my face and ask, “What ever did you do to stay so beautiful?” Needless to say, I’m excited.

The bonus was the silk pillow case that kept me from having to do my hair the next day! Like I said, BONUS! I will recommend this product to my friends.

– S & P

This does what it claims.*

This does what it claims. I am still training myself to sleep on my back to prevent wrinkles 🙁   This really does make it easier.

– Danielle G.

This pillow is so comfortable. It does come with its own pillow case*

This pillow is so comfortable. It does come with its own pillow case. It is smaller than a normal pillow but I slept like a baby

– Mitchelle C.


I was an avid stomach sleeper for years, which caused me to experience major neck problems. I was advised to sleep on my back, but had a vey hard time getting comfortable. I tried lots of different pillows but continued to toss and turn. Then, I found the Back to Beauty Head Cradle and I’ve been back-sleeping like a baby ever since. And I don’t wake up with neck aches! Thanks Back to Beauty!

– Lisa B.

I Highly Recommend!*

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve believed in back sleeping as one part of taking care of my face. I used to be a good back sleeper, but somehow got out of the habit. In the past few months, I’d noticed that after sleeping on my stomach or side, I’d wake up with puffy eyes and lines in my face, especially my chin. I could see the lines getting deeper. I decided to make a serious effort to start sleeping on my back again. I found this little pillow, and it’s become my “security blanket.” It’s so soft and cuddly, and I look forward to nestling into it at night. It’s made my transition back to back sleeping a breeze. I don’t wake up with the bags under my eyes now, and I’m not seeing that “groove” in my chin anymore. I recommend this product highly! It does exactly what I need it to do (sleep comfortably on my back) and it’s very well made.

– Kristi S.

This pillow is awesome!!*

It takes a while to get use to sleeping on your back, but once you train yourself to be a back sleeper this pillow is the best! At first I was afraid to move around the sides of the pillows, but quickly got over it and broke in my new favorite pillow. The pillow is key in getting me to sleep on my back and avoid squishing my face. I recommend this pillow to any one wanting to preserve their skin, and not rub moisturizer all over their pillowcase!!!

– Sara R.

This pillow was easy to get used to and comfortable*

I’m a stomach sleeper, but knew I had to switch to a back sleeper – my years of stomach sleeping showed on my face. This pillow was easy to get used to and comfortable. Great purchase!

– J. Lamberton


I LOVE this pillow! By the second night, I slept entirely on my back. I woke up feeling great, instead of my usual neck pains. If this will prevent wrinkles too, it sounds like a win win situation to me! I highly recommend purchasing it!

– Randi P.

Functional AND Attractive*

I’ve had one of these pillows for a few weeks now and love it! At first I was not sure if I could sleep on my back as I had always been a side or stomach sleeper. I had read a lot about sleeping on my back to reduce and prevent wrinkles yet could never quite sleep face up until now. It took a few nights but this pillow is very comfortable which I believe did the trick – I am now sleeping on my back.

Further, I like the attractiveness of this pillow unlike others on the market – this style fits in my pillow cases and looks like a regular pillow when I make my bed. It’s very nice and comfortable and luxurious really.

– Signe N.

Love this pillow.*

Love this Pillow!!!! Gives me the perfect support. I have always had issues grinding my teeth at night, but since using this pillow that has improved. Far less headaches and sore jaw.

– ToBeContinued

I recommend this product.*

This pillow has improved my face! It also has helped my neck, in that I don’t scrunch it up while sleeping.

The seller provides additional instructions so I was properly educated on how to maximize the the pillow’s use! Another interesting side-benefit: I am getting less breakouts on my face! I recommend this product!

– KarenTheCritic

Amazing Pillow, LOVE IT!!*

This pillow is WONDERFUL!!! Unfortunately I have tried sooooo many pillows in the past due to neck & back pain and this pillow by far fits the bill!! It is amazing! Within about 3 nights I noticed a huge difference in my neck and shoulder pain….. 75% of it was gone!! Don’t think I could sleep without it. I even take it with me when going out of town. It’s great! Very compact and makes a huge world of difference with my pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder area. I know the prior reviews have said that it helps with wrinkles which is an added bonus. But I also noticed that it helps with my hair as well. That might sound strange but I have thin brittle/dry hair (Due to thyroid medication) for years when I would wake up my hair was tangled and so dry to the touch. Now it doesn’t feel or seem as dry since I have been using this pillow. I don’t know if it is from the satin pillow case or just the fact that your head is cradled in the same place all night. But either way my hair is softer and I Love Love this pillow. So far I have purchased 4 (2) for me and (2) for gifts. My friend and sister loved this pillow as well!! It is a little pricey but worth every penny. It’s made to last good quality! It will definitely make a great Birthday or Christmas Gift. I feel very confident in giving this as a gift ! Thanks “Back to Beauty”

– Karen B.

Saved my life! No more wrinkles in the morning.*

OK. so I’ve completed about a week of sleeping on This thing. let me tell you about my situation. Im 26, which might sound ridiculous to find in an anti wrinkle pillow review, but about a year ago I started wondering why I have these rather intense crows feet, so at first I thought it’s from laughing too much, which I do. but after reading about it for a bit I realized my crows feet are way deeper on one side of my face, and that’s the side I sleep on most of the time. then one day I just pushed against that cheek in the way my pillow does for 9 hours and there it was the same pattern of my wrinkles. so I started looking at all the anti wrinkle pillows, and I tried to remake them by sawing them myself to test if they would make sense. I tried to make the my back sleeper and Just the pillow and both didn’t do the job. the problem with my back sleeper is that there is enough space between the walls to still sleep on your side, and the just the pillow is a joke. The only thing that seemed to perhaps work was juverest, because it had a cradle and it seemed so well made .But I didn’t want too spend 250 dollars on it-no way to justify that to my husband. towards the end of NY research I saw This pillow and I saw some reviews saying that This was the only thing that worked after they had tried everything. I thought, OK just risk it, as This one is still expensive for what it is, but if it can really work it’s worth it. I can’t tell you How excited I was when by the 2nd I woke up again with no new wrinkles. Now for the comfort, after a week of sleeping on it iit feels really comfortable, and as another review pointed out I wake up really energized and well rested. but the first 3 nights were a bit weird, on the first nights the hard parts – I call them boobies, because they feel like silicon boob’s, maybe harder than that… anyhow those 2 parts felt pretty hard, and I woke up many times that first night. but starting form night 2 they didn’t feel so hard anymore, until by now I can’t feel them unnatural anymore, it’s all about getting used to it. another note about the neck support, the first 3 days I felt like there’s too little neck support.. but now it’s ok. when I go to sleep I just pull the pillow down to tuck it in more around the neck. that works, Now I don’t feel theres not enough neck support anymore. in any case id do bloody anything to not wake up with crows feet anymore! This does the job perfectly well. also my shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore, it used to get sore from sleeping on one side only, not to speak of neck and chest wrinkles! This is the solution. without sleeping on your back anti wrinkle creams will have not much effect! cheers ladies, hope this helps

– Jenny from Taiwan

Highly recommend!*

I have to sleep on my back and this pillow is awesome! Plus, the seller is great to work with if you have any questions. Highly recommend!

– Brenda D.

The perfect pillow!*

After being in a severe go-cart accident several years ago I have had severe headaches 24 hours a day. After using this pillow the first night I can finally enjoy sleeping again. I sleep on my back every night now after always sleeping on my side. This is the perfect pillow for me. I am amazed by how comfortable this pillow is and how much relief it has brought me. Several doctors and pain medicine have not been able to bring me any relief at all. This pillow has instantly done away with all my neck pain and headaches. It keeps me on my back all night long preventing wrinkles and acne on my face. I love this pillow!

– Regina

We have 2 of these wonderful pillows in our home and we LOVE them.*

We have 2 of these wonderful pillows in our home and we LOVE them. I used to wake up with serious neck pain but this pillow has helped tremendously. My favorite part is that it keeps my boyfriends head from falling to the side and keeps him from snoring! That’s a pretty big deal! We’ve even used them while watching TV in our recliners. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor when you purchase this pillow!

– Alexandra

Love it!*

Loved this pillow! It forced me to sleep on my back after years of side and stomach sleeping. I can already see it’s preventing sleep lines on my chest. It shipped quickly and I was pleasantly surprised to find the pillow case with it.

– Leasa I.

Surprise bonus: great for skin AND hair!*

I have thick, curly hair that takes a long time to dry and tends to get frizzy. In addition to preventing wrinkles caused by the pressure of sleeping with my face against a pillow, I discovered the Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle also keeps my hair from being tousled or flattened while I sleep. This way, I can shower at night and wake up to healthy-looking curls! Not having to wash and dry my hair in the morning saves time and is better for my hair. I’m also tall and have a proportionately larger head, so I use the pillow in the inverted “head hammock” position because I find the gentler slope and extra space more comfortable. This is a quality product with many benefits.

– Danee A.

Five stars, hands down.*

I don’t usually review products but I had to review this pillow! I was given my back to beauty pillow by a very dear friend of mine and I absolutely love it. I have had it for a few weeks now and I can see noticeable results. I am a multifaceted sleeper and I’ll admit it was a bit of an adjustment sleeping mostly on my back, but after using my pillow for a few weeks it has seemingly conformed to my head and I love it. I prop my head in the Back to Beauty on top of my own pillow when I watch television late at night. (I just love the satin smooth pillow case, it keeps my hair, as well as my face beautiful).

This pillow works. Five stars, hands down.

– A.C.

This pillow is a necessity!*

I am training myself to sleep on my back again to reduce wrinkles from pressing my face on the pillow at night. This pillow is perfect for this, it is soft, comfortable, plush, and just feels good. I love this pillow!

– Patricia B.

I absolutely love this pillow!!!*

This pillow is amazing. I usually wake up with big creases in my face from my pillow and now I wake up looking younger and fresher! The pillow is extremely comfortable I love the satin pillow case too! I would recommend this pillow to anyone who needs a good night sleep and is worried about wrinkles!!

– Lisa M.

Happy someone came up with this.*

I love this pillow. It is just the perfect solution to neck wrinkles that happen once you start getting a little older. Also, it keeps you sleeping on your back to avoid those unwanted chest wrinkles.

– Wine

Takes a few days to get your body use to it, but it’s totally worth it!*

This pillow takes a few days to get use to, but now I sleep great! Wish I would have gotten this a few years back! I probably would have a few less fine lines on my face! It is small, but I use it on top of another pillow. I no longer wake up with a line on the side of my face near my nose from sleeping on my side!

– Makenna E.

Helped My Muscles along jawline and shoulder. Amazing!!!!*

I have a habit of leaning my head forward causing my muscles along my neck and jaw line to stretch. I see a chiropractor for my back…but it wasn’t helping this area. I tried EVERYTHING and I came across this pillow and bought it because I need to get back in my habit of sleeping on my back. Yes I was worried about wrinkles. But guess what?! My muscles along my jaw and shoulder stopped hurting completely after a few nights. I think because this gives my muscles a chance to rest. I sleep on a pretty flat pillow but obviously that wasn’t enough. Now I cannot go anywhere without this pillow!!! I would buy this again in a second.

– D. Baugher P.

A Godsend!*

For the past five years I’ve had an eye condition that’s made sleeping on my back important. That said, however often I would go to sleep on my back, I’d wake up the next morning on my stomach with my head pushed deep into the pillow and the eye facing down really hurting. I tried any number of crazy things (like spending the night sitting upright in a wing chair) in an attempt to keep pressure off the eyes. So when I found out about the “Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle,” I gave it a try. The reason I’m giving it five stars is because it succeeded where everything else failed. When you consider how many YEARS I simply COULD NOT get myself to sleep on my back–regardless of the stakes–I have to say that the Back to Beauty Head Cradle was a godsend. Note: I wanted to call out one of the directions on the package that really helped me during the retraining process: to put a regular pillow beneath my knees at the same time as I was using the head cradle under my head and neck. Also note that although I needed to learn to sleep on my back for health reasons, I’ve found that over time the puffiness under my eyes has all but disappeared. I used to have eye bags but I really just don’t anymore.

– Carrie H.

Sleep through the night*

The Back to Beauty Pillow is amazing. I was very apprehensive about using it as I’ve recently been prescribed a bi-pap machine for my sleep apnea. For those who use a c-pap or bi-pap, you know that there are tubes and masks. But, this pillow has actually helped me acclimate to the bi-pap as my head stays in position all night!

– Jana J.

Comfy & Anti-Aging, Truly*

I must share with my fellow anti-agers. I never thought I could break the habit of sleeping on my side, but this pillow has made sleeping on my back an amazingly comfortable experience, and the side-sleeping lines on my chest and face have disappeared after 6 months of using this pillow. I can’t imagine going to bed without it. It’s so good!

– Anne

Fantastic! Sleeping Better AND No Morning Wrinkles!**

Wow! What a difference this pillow has made in my sleep! i’ve had it for over a week and already am seeing a difference in my sleep quality – and no sleep wrinkles in the morning! Voila!

– Lee C.


This pillow is amazing! I’ve always had trouble sleeping on my back until now. It is so snug and comfortable that I’ve also found it’s great while watching TV in bed. It has also been a great help in eliminating reflux and indigestion that I was struggling with prior to getting the Back to Beauty Cradle. I highly recommend this pillow.

– H.T. Kinney

Fantastic pillow.*

This pillow is fantastic! I have been looking for anti-wrinkle pillows like this for a while, and I’m very happy that it’s available for international customers. Back to Beauty Pillow is very practical and comfortable. Because of the shape and design, you are trained to sleep on your back, and then prevent sleep-wrinkles and lines. The inner-cover is easily washable, which make it hygienic. And there is honestly no smells from the pillow, which was important for me when I was looking for a pillow, because I am sensitive. Feels like a very healthy product to use! It’s also small and very light weight, so it’s easy to bring it if you are going to travel. I will recommend this pillow for both men and women! I can see the difference on my face when I sleep on my back. I’m a woman in the late 30’s and I wish I had thought about this a long time ago.. I’ve been a side sleeper and stomach sleeper my whole life. So I’m very glad I found the Back to Beauty pillow! This company also has an amazing customer service.

– Linn H.

Great Product – Accurately Described*

Bought to try to train to become a back sleeper because my neck and hands are frequently sore from side sleeping. I’m still working on changing my ways, but the pillow works EXACTLY as I expected from the description. I have to physically move it to side sleep – absolutely what I needed. Very comfortable to sleep on as well.

– Sharon B.

Amazing Product*

Not only do I feel like I look younger in the face, but the wrinkles on my chest and neck are disappearing. I have always been a side sleeper. I purchased this product as felt less restful in the mornings as I have moved into my 40’s. This has made it an easy transition to a back sleeper.

– Beth

Versatility and comfort make this pillow a must-have!*

It took several nights to transition from years of sleeping on my side to back sleeping, but the benefits of looking and feeling rested are worth the time invested. I like the satin smooth cover and head hammock combination the best. It’s really comfy when reading or watching TV also – I slide in a regular bed pillow underneath for added height. Make sure that you read the directions and suggested options for use and try various combinations to determine what’s most comfortable for you. Give it time and soon you will wonder how you slept without it in the past!

– Imaaggie

I really like the size of the pillow*

I have had my Back to Beauty pillow for a month now. I have to say it took a few weeks to get used to, but I am now enjoying all of the benefits of being a back sleeper. I was always a side sleeper and began to see wrinkles on chest, around eyes, and creases between cheek and nose from the pressure I was putting on my face as a side sleeper. You really do have to put in the effort to “train” yourself to be a back sleeper and It’s very important that you follow the manufacturer’s directions to get the most comfort out of your pillow. I contacted them for additional tips that made a real difference. I really like the size of the pillow and have found that it is great in the car for long road trips in the passenger seat; no more head bobbing with this pillow! An additional benefit I enjoy is I find it very comfortable to stack on top of a bigger pillow while watching TV in bed. Be patient with the “training” process and I am sure you will enjoy your back to beauty pillow as much as I do.

– Melani W.

Love this Pillow*

I have been searching for a pillow that will cradle my head when I sleep as I am a side sleeper and I keep waking up with creases in my skin on my face. This is incredible and it has not taken me very long to get used to sleeping on my back. I LOVE IT!

– Danny P.


Great so far! Comfortable and directions are clear and simple.

– Stacy

Perfect pillow!!!!*

Love it! The pillow is very comfortable and I love the satin pillow case. I would recommend this to all my friends.

– DS

Your face and hair will thank you!*

You’ll love this pillow! If you are not a natural back sleeper then don’t expect this to magically transform you. It will be the best pillow to help the transition though. It’s soft and comfortable. Read the instructions because it has a lot of great tips to help you be a back sleeper. This comes with different pillow cases. I much prefer the silk one. So, for full disclosure I’m not 100 percent a back sleeper yet. At times I find myself on my side but this pillow helps on your side too. It is on the pricey side admit, but I believe it to be a very good investment.

– Rhonda

Beauty pillow that works!*

I was skeptical about a pillow that can be anti-aging as well, what?! But I’m 40-something and lines are creeping in, so I’ll try just about anything to stay young looking.

Most anti-aging creams tell you to use them at night. As a side sleeper, it makes sense that my face may do better if it wasn’t squished and the creams would work better if they could actually soak into the face and not into the pillow. I ordered this pillow and was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with a couple of pillow cases, one being satin (which I know has been shown to decrease the creation of lines on the face). It is a smaller pillow so it may take some getting used to. I have been using for about 2 weeks now and love the way it cradles my head and face! I also feel more rested and seriously think the lines around my eyes are diminishing. This little pillow is perfect for traveling and definitely my favorite in my quest to stay young. (Also, it smells fabulous out-of-box!) Thank you, Back to Beauty, for creating this product!

– Dawnn H.

I’m a stomach sleeper, or was, until I bought this pillow.*

I thought I was going to have difficulty learning to sleep on this, but it was pretty comfortable from the first night I used it.

– Nikki M.

I’m am happy I found this pillow*

I’m am happy I found this pillow. It is very comfortable and hold s my head nicely. I had facial surgery and this is a must for these kinds of situations.

– Lauren L.C.

Works – Converted This Lifetime Stomach Sleeper*

I have been a very happy stomach sleeper my whole life. Over the last year I’ve noticed the ‘sleep wrinkles’ that used to disappear quickly are now staying on my face for much longer. Fearing the day the wrinkles would set in permanently, I’ve experimented with a variety of different pillows and techniques to become a back sleeper but always found myself on my stomach – until now. This pillow has trained me to become a back sleeper. The first few nights were a little awkward because I was very aware of the side guards but by the third night I was sleeping comfortably on my back all night. Plus, I noticed that the few times I didn’t use the pillow, I still slept on my back all night. Worked for me – no more sleep wrinkles!

– SV

Great pillow*

Love my pillow. Holds my head comfortably as I learn to sleep on my back. Even if I roll to my side it still supports my face so I don’t go face down.

– Liz P.

Aside from the awesome back training*

I bought this pillow on a whim in hopes of transitioning to back sleeping. After years of failing, this pillow really does help! Aside from the awesome back training, it’s one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever slept on and have already ordered a second to travel with. Some have noted its small size unfavorably, but I have to say I love its size! Wonderfully minimalistic: from a perfect plane pillow to no more unpredictably soft or firm hotel pillows, and now back sleeping, this pillow is my favorite! Love the silk cover too!

– Pixi N.

This pillow is awesome. Not only does it help to protect your face …*

This pillow is awesome. Not only does it help to protect your face it also allow your neck to lay in a manner whereby you do not wait up with a sore neck!! This is a product I will continue to purchase in the future as well. Love this pillow!!

– Theresa K.

The bomb for back sleepers.*

– Sandre

Great Product*

I am totally satisfied with this product. It did take a few nights to get use to as it seemed too confining. I am now sleeping on my back, wake up rested, and free of those facial wrinkles that lasted for hours.

– SA

This pillow has been a miracle!*

I had brain surgery with 6 inch incisions on the back of my head and neck. Finding a comfortable pillow has been a great challenge. I am in the latter stages of recovery. This pillow has been a miracle! I can finally sleep comfortably on my back again!!! I’ll be getting a second one to travel with when travelling becomes a thing again.

– Andrea


I take it everywhere. Not just for my face but the comfort ability! Get one y’all! You will not be disappointed!

– Jessa

The Best So Far*

Amazing pillow, its small for a reason, just enough room for head and face, no more dent and pillow marks on my face, very satisfied, kudos to the designer.


Love this pillow 💕*

I purchased this for anti wrinkle, skin care, & acne use. I would be a side sleeper for life if it wasn’t for this pillow. It wasn’t easy the first 1-2 months. I was very uncomfortable bc I wanted so badly to turn onto my side. I was persistent bc I needed to get my hormonal acne & concerns of early crows feet under control. I did switch back to my regular pillow after a few hours in the beauty pillow to give myself a break from a restless night. After 2 months, I can sleep comfortably on my back. The pillow conformed to me, and I reach for it every night now. Totally worth it, but you have to be consistent and give it time so you can adjust to it.

– Christina

I’m a convert!*

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this pillow from a friend. However, I decided to try it out and see for myself. It’s been about a month and I’ve been using the pillow almost nightly. It takes a little bit of getting used to — sleeping on your back, that is– but once you get used to it, it feels good. I’ve noticed I’ve been waking up more refreshed and even better, less rings around my eyes in the AM. This makes a great gift for anyone– no matter what the age. I’m a convert!!


I NEVER write reviews, but I had to on this pillow.*

I love, love, love this pillow. I have slept on my side and stomach my whole life. I have been trying to break the habit on my own for a long time with NO success. So…. I started looking online for a pillow to help save my face. Thank God this pillow came up in my search. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I was really not expecting much because I love sleeping on my face apparently. I am 46 and recently started noticing some lines from sleeping on my face. Well… That made me very determined to learn to sleep on my back. I received my pillow really fast after ordering it. I watched the video and couldn’t wait to try it that night. I fell in love right away. I tried putting another pillow under my knees and I was like…Wow this is so comfortable. ORDER NOW!

– Misty B.

I travel on business and it’s small enough in include in my bag*

I love this pillow! I’ve become addicted! I’ve been a lifelong side sleeper and never thought I could change. This pillow has trained me to stay on my back. It took a few weeks to feel natural, but now it feels odd to try and sleep on my side. I know my face will thank me later for the use of this pillow. Wish I would have known about it years ago.

– Christa CW

Nailed it Back to Beauty!*

I’m an avid athlete with chronic back issues and so far, this Back to Beauty pillow has been incredible for keeping my spine aligned throughout the night. I used to wake up 2-3 times per night altering my sleep position, but since I received this pillow I’ve completely slept through the night and slept hard! The cool crescent shape allows my head to stay put most of the night. As an added benefit my moisturizer doesn’t even rub off! I’ve noticed less lines and better sleep. What more could I ask for? Nailed it Back to Beauty!

– C. Fritts

Highly recommend this pillow to anyone who knows the struggle*

For years I have been waking up with huge sleep wrinkles under my eyes. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked until I bought this product. I was very skeptical at first, but after 1 night those wrinkles have diminished. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who knows the struggle of under eye sleep wrinkles.

– CA

This is the one!*

I could never stay on my back all night long before I got this pillow and I hated looking at my smashed face every morning. I have tried several of these types of pillows but they were either uncomfortable or didn’t keep me on my back. Back to Beauty comes with directions, which I ended up really appreciating because of the many options they give you to find your “comfort zone” as they said. At first I couldn’t understand why a simple pillow would need directions, but after reading them and trying various things, it became clear. I ended up with the head hammock position, on top of one other sort of thin pillow I have had for years. The crescents side worked for me but was a little snug. The head hammock felt the best, and even fluffier. I have even started to bring this pillow with me when I travel because I can’t sleep on my back without it.

– G.W.

I absolutely love this pillow*

I had been trying for awhile to train myself to sleep on my back, since I’ve heard it’s best for your skin, spine alignment, etc., and was never able to fall asleep on my back until I ordered this. I wasn’t sure if the right pillow would be able to solve my dilemma, as I was pretty much convinced that I just couldn’t be a back sleeper. However, on the very first night I received the pillow and put it to the test, it worked! I comfortably fell asleep on my back–something that had never happened before. I also noticed sleeping on this pillow helped my dark circles under my eyes tremendously. They are something I’d been plagued with for years, and I think the fluid build up of sleeping on my side was making them worse. I also noticed that what few fine lines I had around my eyes, also disappeared–I think these were also caused by sleeping on my side and the pressure associated with that.

Ordering the Back to Beauty pillow was honestly one of my best purchases. I feel so much better and well-rested in the morning and my skin is definitely thanking me. Just a side note, I found that sleeping with a regular pillow on my right side also helped me to be more comfortable sleeping on my back and prevented me from rolling over. That’s something you may want to try if you decide to get this pillow.

– Stephany S.

Better sleep, younger face, cleaner hair, easier breathing…..*

I’m only writing this because I was so skeptical at first but the product concept made sense to me and I had heard other people talk about how sleeping on your back can help with how your face looks, stiffness int he morning, etc. Well, it’s a great product and I have literally purchased dozens of specialty pillows. SO, the first 2-3 nights it was a little awkward. I followed her advice and put small pillows under each arm and under my legs. The pillow is actually really comfy. After about a week I was sleeping through the night on my back! I immediately could tell a difference in my face in the morning – none of the “smash” lines, my eyes weren’t swollen and the nasal labial folds weren’t as distinct. So now I’m one month into using the pillow: The “elevens” lines between my brows is gone. All the soft fluidy bags under my eyes are gone. I no longer have all those lines on the side of my face when I wake up. My serums stay on all night and my bangs aren’t all oily and messed up in the morning so I can actually wash my hair less! The plush pillowcase is the best one in my opinion, I use it most. yes, the pillow looks very small at first but think about it, if you’re not sleeping on your side, all you need is a pillow big enough to support the back of your head and neck! I love it.

– Laurie

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