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Tutorial Video – Bye Bye Sleep Wrinkles, Hello True Beauty Sleep | The Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle Beauty Sleep Instructional Video is Here!

Helene, Back to Beauty Inventor
September 27, 2017

This instruction video not only shows proper use of the Back to Beauty Anti Wrinkle Head Cradle Beauty Pillow, but provides back sleeping training tips to aid those new to back sleeping. The patented Back to Beauty™ Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle beauty pillow isn’t just another back sleeping or wrinkle- prevention pillow – it’s an incredibly versatile and soft, yet supportive, form-fitting head cradle that aids in training you to consistently and comfortably sleep on your back, while keeping pressure off of, or anything touching, your facial skin during sleep.

+ ANTI-WRINKLE – Face, neck, chest and breast

+ANTI-ACNE – Protects against skin blemishes that can result when the face comes in contact with the bacteria on pillows.

+AIDS BACK SLEEPING – Also helps train those new to back sleeping.

+ ELIMINATES the weight of your head from putting pressure on, or touching, delicate facial skin during sleep. Face lotions, injections, and cosmetic surgery will be left undisturbed, allowing them to do their job.

+NO MORE BED HEAD – Hair won’t get flattened by the weight of the head during sleep.

+PATENTED DESIGN – Includes no foam, only hypoallergenic down-alternative fiber and specialty materials designed smaller than a standard pillow to cradle the head, allow versatility in use, protect the face, and retain fluffiness.

+VERSATILE BEAUTY PILLOW – Can be used in several positions, alone, and on top of other pillows for added elevation and support-allowing you to find your personal comfort zone.

+EXTENDED BASE DESIGN provides neck support without being too bulky; conforms for a personal fit.

+COMPACT size packs easily for travel.

+COMES WITH THREE WASHABLE PILLOWCASES: “Fitted Plush” (already on pillow upon arrival), “Satin Smooth” and “Crisp Cotton”